How to Access Linux Server from Windows

SSH (Secure Shell)

This post shows you how to access or connect your Linux server remotely from windows Machine. SSH (Secure shell) is the network protocol for operating network service and works on Port 22. This SSH service helps us to take the remote server connection over the network from Linux to Linux or windows to Linux. When you try to connect to the Linux server from the windows machine, then Linux machine would be your target server and windows machine would be your source server.

How to Access Linux Server from Windows

How SSH works

Secure Shell was created to replace insecure terminal emulation or ssh server programs, such as Telnet, rlogin (connecting to a remote) and rsh (remote shell); SSH enables the same functions (logging in to and running terminal sessions on remote systems).

By default, Secure shell (SSH) Command is available in Linux OS, So we can use SSH command directly to remote from Linux to Linux server. But If you want to connect to a Linux server from a Windows machine then, You have to install Putty software on Windows server.

Step 1: Download PuTTY

Step 2: Install PuTTY on Windows

Once PuTTY software is downloaded, double click and run the software for installation.

Click Next

Putty installation Wizard

Click Next

Putty installation Wizard

Click Install

Putty installation Wizard

Click Finish

Putty installation Wizard

Step 3: Start Putty Software

Once installation is completed, Open your installed Putty software from your Programs.

Enter the IP Address of your target Linux server or linux box you wish to connect from Windows machine. Once you put IP address and hit enter then you able to do ssh connection

Putty Login Windows

over the network. Make sure port number “22” and connection type “SSH” are specified in the box.

If everything is fine, then you need to enter the correct username and password. Provide

Putty Login prompt

your details and start accessing your Linux server remotely from windows server.

Hope this post helps you to access Linux server from windows remotely by installing putty Software