How to change hostname in RHL/CentOS 7

In this Post we will discuss how to change hostname in centos 7 and Red-Hat 7.

change hostname in centos 7


A computer hostname represents a unique name that gets assigned to a computer in a network in order to uniquely identify that computer in that specific network. Follow the below steps for change hostname in centos 7

you should keep in mind the following rules:

  • hostnames can contain letters (from a to z).
  • hostnames can contain digits (from 0 to 9).
  • hostnames can contain only the hyphen character ( – ) as a special character.
  • hostnames can contain the dot special character ( . )
  • hostnames can contain a combination of all three rules but must start and end with a letter or a number.
  • hostnames letters are case-insensitive.

Method 1

Set a CentOS 7/8 machine hostname, after change hostname in centos 7 use the hostnamectl command as shown in the below command excerpt.


  • #hostnamectl set-hostname your-new-hostname 


  • #hostnamectl set-hostname mytest_vm

Note: Now In order to apply the new hostname, system reboot is required, issue one of the below commands in order to reboot.

  • # init 6
  • # systemctl reboot
  • # shutdown -r

Now display the hostname issue one of the below command.

  • # hostname
  • # hostname -s
  • # hostname -f
  • # cat /etc/hostname

The -s flag displayed the computer short name (hostname only) and the -f flag displays the computer FQDN.

If you want to see addition information about hostname, you can also use hostnamectl command to display a Linux machine hostname.

  • # hostnamectl

Method 2

second method to set up hostname is to manually edit the /etc/hostname file and type your new hostname and save the file. Also, a system reboot is necessary in order to apply the new machine name.

  • # vi /etc/hostname

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