ssh network error connection refused

How to fix SSH Network error Connection refused

In this Post we will discuss what SSH is and how to fix Putty Network error Connection refused.


SSH(Secure shell) is a software package that enables secure system administration and file transfers over insecure networks. so if you are trying to do SSH only to see a Network error Connection refused, you may start to feel concerned. However this is common issue, and it is possible to fix it on your own with a bit of troubleshooting.

ssh network error connection refused

What is SSH?.

SSH(Secure Shell), also we are called Secure Socket Shell, is a protocol for securely over an unsecured network. In other words, it is a way to safely log in to your server remotely.   

When you connect to your remote server using the putty(ssh) as below.

Network error Connection refused

Once you try to ssh server. You will received an error as below.

Here are the few reason behind the issue of “network error connection refused”.
Possibilities You don’t have an SSH service running on your remote server or connection been blocked by firewall settings.
  • Depending on what distribution installed, you may need to install or run the SSH service, usually called openssh-server or sshd depending on your package manager. Login into server console and run the below command to check sshd package is available or not on remote server. 
    • # rpm -qa |grep -i openssh-server
Network error Connection refused
  • If SSH package is not install then, you need to install SSH pacakge on remote server.
    • #yum install openssh-server
  • Once you installed the package after that you have to start the SSH service.
    • #systemctl start sshd
  • Allow SSH port 22 on firewall to accept the connection from other server.
  • Now remote server able to connect.
Network error Connection refused

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