List out the software requirements of Linux installation

 What is a Linux Distribution?

Well, now as you know that Linux is open-source, free to use kernel. It is used by programmers, organizations, profit and non-profit companies around the world to create Operating systems to suit their individual requirements.

  • Below software’s are required to download of  Linux installation.
    • virtualbox software or vmware software
    • Linux ISO file 
How to install Ubuntu on virtual machine.
How to install Ubuntu on virtual machine.

This post we are going to used virtualbox for Linux installation steps

  • Download a Linux OS ISO image file from internet.
  • Download virtualbox and install in your system.
  • Enter into BIOS setting and make CD/DVD Drive as first boot device
  • Insert the RHEL 6 CD/DVD into CD/DVD drive and boot the system
                                           How to install Ubuntu video.

How to install Ubuntu on virtual machine.
  • Click on new.
  • Create virtual Machine: In this windows just assign  your VM name and select which type of your OS 
  • Select memory size.
  • Select create a virtual Hard disk now
  • Now select Hard Disk type
  • Here you select dynamically allocated 
  • Here you can select your vm location and size. 
  • Now your VM is ready.

  • Go to VM settings and select your IOS image file, which one you downloaded . Go to optical Drive and select ios.
  • Now you start your vm


  • Here you select your language and install Ubuntu.            
  • In this windows if you want install third party software then select  third party check box or else continue.
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  • Installation type: click on use LVM with new Ubuntu installation check box and install now 

  • Here you select your country name and continue.
  • Here you can select your vm keyboard language  
  •  Give your name and password and continue.

  • Now file coping begin to start 
  • Now Reboot your vm
  • Now press  ENTER
  • Now your system is ready to use

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