What is Operating System

What is Operating System 

The operating system is an interface between a user and the computer hardware. The Computer cannot understand the human output language as it works on binaries i.e. 0 and 1. Also, it is very tough for humans to understand the binary language, in such a case we need an interface that can translate the human language to hardware and vice-versa for effective communication.
What is Operating System
Types of Operating System:
Single User : Single Tasking Operating System
Single User : Multitasking Operating System
Multi User : Multitasking Operating System

Single User: In this type of operating system only one user can login at a time and can perform only one task at a time. E.g. MS-DOS


Multi-tasking operating system:

This type of operating system supports only one user to login at a time but a user can perform multiple tasks at a time, browsing the internet while playing songs, etc.

E.g.: Windows -98,Xp, etc.


Multi-User: Multi-Tasking Operating System

This type of operating system provides multiple users to log in at a time and also each user can perform multiple tasks at a time. In a broader term, multiple users can be logged in to the system and share the resources of the system at the same time.

E.g.: UNIX, LINUX etc.