What is Xymon Monitoring?. What is xymon-client

What is Xymon Monitoring?.

Xymon is an open-source monitoring application developed inspired by the open-source version of Big Brother.Xymon offers a wide variety of monitoring which includes Network monitoring as well as Server monitoring. The tool offers graphical monitoring, showing the status of various network services of each device, as well as a range of application and operating system metrics such as listing the number of mail messages queued after a defined level of downtime. The web-based graphical display uses a red/yellow/green condition icon for each host/test, on top of a colored background indicating the current worst status across all hosts and tests. The user can click on a colored icon to view more specific details and (where available) relevant graphs of metric statistics. Built-in reporting tools include SLA-type reports (availability) and the historical state of services (snapshots). Xymon supports alarms generation sent by email.

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